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Accra's Listings


  • Holy Money April 16, 2022

    One of the most powerful societies for spiritual growth

  • Rose Tobie April 16, 2022

    Spiritual science Society African. A perfect place for Spiritual and physical solutions. look no further.

  • Rose Tobie April 13, 2022

    I bow down to my master Piistra for imparting his immense wealth of knowledge and wisdom. my deep gratitude to you for having lighted the flame within me. Spiritual Science Society African is outstanding.

  • ernest asare April 13, 2022

    Is a great deal to join the sss family with no regrets the teachings opens minds to gain knowledge and understand and above all knowing thyself and the purpose of being in this world...

  • Paapa April 13, 2022

    Teachings that enlighten every mind...